Welcome to the Spaulding High School Music Department
Parents and students interested in the Florida trip that will be taking place in April 2017 should attend the informational meeting on 
Wednesday August 31st from 6:30-7:30 PM in the SHS Music Department. A $150 deposit will be required to hold your spot payable by cash, check, or funds earned through sales of Raider Cards.
A breakdown of total estimated trip costs is available for your review.

2016-17 Calendar Updated (as of 8/27/16)!
Important dates for the 2016-17 academic year have been updated on the website calendar.
A printable PDF version can be accessed as well. Don't forget to provide this information to employers of students so that time off can be arranged!

Specific call times for concerts and events (if not factored in on the calendar already) will be announced in class and via Remind as the event nears.

PLEASE NOTE: Everything is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. We strive to always give students and parents ample warning so that plans can be made or adjusted, however sometimes we just don't have that warning ourselves. 

2016-17 All-State Audition Information
This year's NH All-State information has been posted near the entrance to the Music Department. Please take note of the method book name as well as etude and page numbers. Scales may be photocopied from the folder near the audition information. See Mr. Goodwin if you have any questions. Audition information can also be accessed on the NHMEA All-State Website.

Important Ways We Communicate Information
We use several methods to communicate important information to our students and their parents. 

1) REMIND TEXT MESSAGING SERVICE: For short, time-sensitive notices (ex. cancellations, changes, quick reminders) we use Remind, a text messaging service, to send messages directly to a mobile device. We ask that all students sign up for this service as it is the quickest and most reliable way to get important messages out. Normal text messaging rates apply, so be sure your student has an unlimited texting plan, otherwise there is an option to send these messages by e-mail in the event that a student does not have an unlimited texting plan. Parents may also sign up on these lists.

Sign up for BAND Remind List (Percussion & Guard should also sign up for their lists below)
Sign up for CHORUS Remind List
Sign up for PARENTS/MUSIC BOOSTERS Remind List (Students should NOT sign up for this list)

2) E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST: For lengthier messages that require explanation or for getting out large amounts of information or attachments we use an e-mail distribution list. Examples of these types of communications might be band camp information, trip information, concert or event details, etc. All students and their parents should sign up for this list. Alumni and interested members of the public are welcome to sign up as we will be able to target specific information to you depending on information you provide during the sign-up process:

Sign Up Here to Receive E-Mail Updates from the Spaulding High School Music Department!

3) SPAULDINGMUSIC.COM: This website will be updated periodically with important information about the department as well as special announcements, but the most timely information will be available by the two methods listed above.

At present these are the only OFFICIAL avenues of communication for the Spaulding Music Department. There will be an official Facebook presence soon, but right now treat any Facebook group or page as an unofficial source of information until we announce otherwise. 

130 Wakefield Street
Rochester, NH 

(603) 332-0757
ext. 2162 

Joanne Houston, chair
Cheryl Richardson
Ron Goodwin

Kate Hayward

Directors' Messages

Remind Text Sign-Ups
E-Mail List Sign Up

Please, be extra careful when you are communicating with people via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sometimes what we say online can be misinterpreted when there is no facial expression or body language present to reinforce our meaning. Emojis and emoticons only do part of that job for us. 

Poorly worded messages can hurt feelings and get unsubstantiated rumors started.

STUDENTS: We have spent an extreme amount of money for the resources we use on a daily basis. This includes instruments, music, electronics, infrastructure, etc. For example, the drumline battery cost us over $15,000, tubas cost $4,000/each, baritone horns $1,800, French horns $1,500, Baritone Saxophones $3,000 ... and the list goes on!

We cannot afford to be careless with all of the wonderful things we have worked to own!

Please be gentle and careful with the equipment and our area. Pick up after yourselves and make the space cleaner for the next person. Always put instruments in cases and lockers when not in use. Make the area presentable for guests.

We are fortunate that we have this space and equipment to share, DON’T ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE, or you will LOSE IT!