Welcome to the Spaulding High School Music Department


Sunday August 6th:  9AM - NOON  Student Leaders Only

                                    Noon - 6PM  Everyone!

Monday August 7th: 1 - 9PM

Tuesday August 8th: 1 - 9PM

Wednesday August 9th: 1 - 9PM

Thursday August 10th: Rehearsal 1 - 5PM

                                        DCI at Regal Cinemas 6 - Midnight

Friday August 11th: 1 - 8PM

                                   1 - 6PM    Practice

                                   6 - 7PM    Parent Meeting 

                                   7 - 8PM    Preview of our show!


  • First and foremost: A willingness to have an AWESOME, incredible, life changing experience!
  • Your printed music (even if you have it memorized - which you should be well on your way to doing) with lots of markings in it to help you play your absolute best! If you don't know how to mark your music up just ask and we'll help you out!
  • Your school-provided flip folder and lyre. Freshmen will be assigned one at camp. Even if you do already have music memorized, you should ALWAYS bring these to EVERY music and field rehearsal for reference.
  • A pencil ... this should also come to EVERY rehearsal. This is to mark changes and additions in your music.
  • Your dotbook, which will will be provided at the beginning of camp and must be turned in at the end of camp.  Do NOT lose them.  We only have one copy of your dotbook.  Take pictures of it on your phone so that you will have an extra copy as a backup.
  • Dot Markers - These should be bright and noticeable, not breakable or something that will trip or hurt others (ex. small bean bags, personalized poker chips, puzzle pieces, etc.) They are used to mark your drill spot on the field. if you have questions about this then contact your section leader.  Here are some Examples.
  • Sneakers for marching! ABSOLUTELY NO: flip flops, sandals, boots, or other shoes that can cause blisters, tripping, turned ankles, etc. Wear good, comfortable, supportive sneakers EVERY time you're on the field. You may also want a supply of band-aids, moleskin, and/or blister block just in case.
  • Sunscreen!!! Avoid pain and discomfort now and skin cancer later in life! Don't be a "hero" ... bring it, use it often, and without shame!!! 
  • A hat! It gets pretty messy trying to put sunscreen in your hair.
  • Sunglasses (optional) ... sometimes that lovely sun shows up in the most inopportune places.
  • FOOD!!! Primarily dinner ... either pack one or bring $$$ to buy it every day. Bring snacks you can easily stash in your pockets for a quick pick-me-up during rehearsal breaks. Also, be sure you've had a good breakfast and lunch each day BEFORE coming to camp. You'll need that energy and without it you'll likely get cranky and be unfocused, which will make the directors cranky - and you don't want us being cranky! ;-)
  • WATER!!! Hydrate well before coming to camp each day, but also be sure to bring water bottles/containers with you that you can access during rehearsal. Though we try to have bottled water available you should always try to bring your own supply that you can refill as needed. 


Every member of the band is required to purchase and or pay for the following items and fees:
    • Tradition of Excellence T-shirt - $10 (if you have one from a previous year that still looks good and fits well you do not need a new one - the design will not change)
    • Gloves - $5 (everyone but percussion should plan on buying a new clean pair)
    • Shoes - $35 ("if the shoe fits, wear it"... unless it's grungy and beyond all hope of cleaning)
    • Dry cleaning fee - $20 (this is mandatory for EVERYONE every year)
In addition, percussionists should plan for the following:
  • You will be provided with one pair of sticks or mallets for your use. Beyond that you are expected to purchase any additional at the going rate at that point in time. Depending on your instrument this could range from $8 - $45. Snare and tenor sticks tend to break more frequently, but are at the lower end of the cost scale. In general, the better technique you use the less frequently you will need to replace your sticks and mallets. You are expected to maintain two pair of sticks/mallets at all times ... one set for practice, and one that should be kept pristine for performances. Again, we provide 1 pair and that means you must buy the second plus any additional replacements. More information will be given at camp.
If you will be attending the DCI show with us at Regal Cinemas in Newington on the evening of August 10th the cost will be $25. That includes transportation by bus and your admission to the theatre. Be sure to bring extra money for snacks. 


Each year we have a "spirit week" during band camp to make things even more fun, and the winners of each day's theme will receive awards on Friday!  Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition right?  Make sure all items / outfits are school-appropriate and won't interfere with or disrupt yours or another's learning of that days material though!

Sunday - COLOR DAY
Wear the following colors to represent your section!!

Flutes: PINK


Clarinets: PURPLE

All Saxophones (Alto/Tenor/Bari): YELLOW


Trumpets: BLUE

Low Brass: GREEN

Percussion: BLACK

Colorguard: ORANGE

Field Staff: (Section/Segment Leaders, Presidents, VPs, and Drum Majors in Training): Section-Based Tie Dye (Flute Section Leaders wear Pink Tie Dye, Trumpet Section Leaders wear Blue Tie Dye, etc.)

Show your pride for your section!

Tuesday: HAT DAY
Wear your favorite hat!

Wednesday: WESTERN DAY
Wear your favorite western-themed attire (cowboy hat, plaid shirt, overalls, etc.)

Thursday: SPACE DAY (DCI Day)
Wear comfy street clothes for the DCI show that night!

Show some Red Raider Pride!

Students should be dropped off and picked up by the school entrance closest to the Music Department on the Tech Center side of the main building.

Please DO NOT park, enter, or drop off/pick up in the parking lot behind the Music Department by the football field at any time.  There are a lot of construction vehicles and activities back there. Also, that area is too small and can pose challenges and potential accidents for drivers.


There are several simple ways to help!

1) Bottled water is welcome every day because we use it all day long each day of camp and then into the season itself. 

We're also in need of individuals with access to large coolers we could use as well as folks who could stock them with ice to keep the water cold each day.

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of extra storage space at the moment, so the ideal solution would be for folks to bring stocked coolers in the morning and then bring them back home in the evening, however we know that this isn't practical for everyone. Whatever you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

2) We are in need of people to donate freezer pops for band camp. We are looking for 185 freezer pops plus 2 boxes of a sugar free variety for each day during band camp starting this Sunday. They will need to be delivered at 3:45pm each day so they can be ready for the daily 4pm break. Please contact Gwen Pham at gwenpham123@gmail.com to let her know if you can help and on which date. 

3) Stay tuned for more opportunities! As things get going we will need help moving equipment, preparing and signing out uniforms, etc.


Start with your section leader first and if they can't answer your questions try e-mailing one of the directors:

or, send a message through the Remind text app (see the next article for more info on that).

At camp you will meet a number of additional staff members on-hand to help teach you what you need to know. Though these individuals are very knowledgable in their individual areas of expertise keep in mind that they won't always have the answers to your logistical questions. When in doubt be sure to ask a director.


Be sure to sign up for the following Remind lists for the upcoming school year in order to keep up to date on the latest news, schedule information, etc. Students are required to be signed up for the lists of the ensembles in which they participate. Parents may also join these lists, but there will also be a separate Parent-only list. In some cases eligible participants from this year's lists have already been ported over, but if in doubt just sign up again. More lists will be coming online soon, so please check back!

Sign up for the 2017-18 BAND Remind List 
Sign Up for the 2017-18 PERCUSSION Remind List
Sign up for the 2017-18 COLORGUARD Remind List
Sign up for the 2017-18 CHORUS Remind List

Sign up for the 2017-18 PARENTS/MUSIC BOOSTERS Remind List 
(Students should NOT sign up for this list)

ALUMNI ONLY: Sign up for the SHS Music Alumni Remind List


Thank you to everyone who helped to make our 2017 trip to Orlando so much fun and such a success!!

Spaulding HS Chorus, Disney Springs 2017

Spaulding HS Marching Band, Magic Kingdom 2017

Important Ways We Communicate Information
We use several methods to communicate important information to our students and their parents. 

For information on the ways in which we communicate official information to both students and parents as well as for instructions on how to sign up please visit our Ways We Communicate page or click on the tab in the menu above.
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Please, be extra careful when you are communicating with people via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sometimes what we say online can be misinterpreted when there is no facial expression or body language present to reinforce our meaning. Emojis and emoticons only do part of that job for us. 

Poorly worded messages can hurt feelings and get unsubstantiated rumors started.

STUDENTS: We have spent an extreme amount of money for the resources we use on a daily basis. This includes instruments, music, electronics, infrastructure, etc. For example, the drumline battery cost us over $15,000, tubas cost $4,000/each, baritone horns $1,800, French horns $1,500, Baritone Saxophones $3,000 ... and the list goes on!

We cannot afford to be careless with all of the wonderful things we have worked to own!

Please be gentle and careful with the equipment and our area. Pick up after yourselves and make the space cleaner for the next person. Always put instruments in cases and lockers when not in use. Make the area presentable for guests.

We are fortunate that we have this space and equipment to share, DON’T ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE, or you will LOSE IT!