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ATTENTION STUDENTS...Dinner Treat for Band Camp Student on Wednesday, August 5th
Band camp students will be treated to dinner on Wednesday, August 5th.  You are still responsible for your own lunch.  There will be some meatless items such as veggie platter, cheese pizzas, mac & cheese...  No need to bring dinner UNLESS you have severe food allergies that you need to be careful of or if you're a picky eater.  Please thank the parents for providing this pot luck dinner for you all!!!  

Support Needed for Band Camp Dinner Treat For Students
We would like to do a dinner treat for the band camp students on Wednesday, Aug. 5th. Since they will be there all day and have to provide lunch on their own, it would be nice to treat them to dinner so they can stay at school, get rested, and better prepared for the pre-game show performance for us to enjoy at 7pm.
We would like to do pot luck. If you would like to support, please reply back with what you can do. We will confirm back to make sure that we do not have too many of one item. We would need all items to be delivered at 5:30pm band room. Here are some items you can donate:
- pizza (cheese & pepperoni) 
- pasta salad
- mac & cheese
- hot dish items
- subs
- finger foods
- any crock pot dish
- gluten free main dish 
- gluten free desserts / baked goodies
- vegetarian main dish

Questions or to support, please contact Gwen Pham 603-973-2163 cell & text or email gwenpham123@gmail.com. Please wait to be confirmed on your item. TY!!!

Water Donation
We are always in need of water during band camp and Marching Band / football season.  We need at least 8 cases of water per game that we support and the parades.  Please help by signing up below.  Please deliver to music department during band camp if a one time donation.  PLEASE LABEL WHETHER FOR BAND CAMP OR MARCHING BAND SEASON.  Thank you for your support!

Band Camp 2015 Information UPDATES as of 7/23/2015:
Information regarding band camp 2015 has been updated as of 7/23/2015.  Please see our Band Camp page.

Please make sure you look at Thursday's information regarding the Drum Corp International Live and Loud showing in Newington.  Students may NOT drive themselves to the event.  They must take the bus.  The cost is $25 total, ticket and bus fare. 

Not from Cherry Tree Lane, but close enough...

Click here to read message from our directors regarding Mary Poppins production.

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Please, Please, Please Be extra careful when you are communicating with people via email, Facebook, Twitter etc.  Sometimes what we say without any facial expression isn’t exactly what was meant to be said.  Misunderstandings can hurt feelings and get rumors started………….

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 Music & Instrument Area Care & Kindness 
We have raised an extreme amount of money for our instruments.  The drumline cost us over $15,000, tubas cost $4,000, baritone horns $1,800, French horns $1,500 each , Baritone Saxophone $3,000 and the list goes on.  We cannot be careless with all of the wonderful things we have worked to own.  Please be gentle and careful with the music area.  Pick up after yourselves following lunch and make the space cleaner for the next person.  We are fortunate that we have this space to share, DON’T ABUSE IT !!! or you will definitely LOSE IT!!!!
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