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Spring Semester Lesson sign-ups will be going home today (1/15). Exact dates for lessons are TBD pending instructor availability, but I am planning on 8 sessions total. They may be on different days of the week depending on the instrument - again pending instructor availability. Flexibility in scheduling will be particularly key this semester as instructor availability is more scattered due to their own course loads at UNH. 

The information sheet and sign-up sheet is linked below and is due back to me by this Friday so that I can finalize the schedule and formally hire the instructors.



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What you can do?

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For those looking for information on what requirements must be met to qualify for honors or enriched credit. Please note that this information was distributed to students both verbally and in written form.

  • Must pass an audition for enrollment at the Honors level that includes:
  • Instrumentalists (Band) must be able to play all the notes on their instrument, with the exception of the bottom two or top two for semester 1. All notes must be playable for semester 2.
  • Instrumentalists must be able to play ALL concert flat scales by the end of semester 1 and ALL concert major scales (including the sharp scales) by the end of semester 2.
  • Must attend ALL rehearsals and performances.
  • Must exhibit proper behavior and rehearsal procedures with full preparation and with all music present and prepared for rehearsal.
  • May be tested prior to the end of the semester one and/or semester two in a jury format with the directors grading your musicianship progress.
  • Must audition for the NH All-State Music Festival and thoroughly prepare all materials prior to the application deadline. The audition date is November 18th at a time TBD. (Credit is not contingent upon acceptance to the festival, but rather on good-faith preparation and the process of auditioning.)
  • Performance in the June Honors Recital is expected, however an advance audition with the directors will be the final determining factor.
  • Chorus students must have all of their music prepared and memorized well in advance of a performance so that they are able to lead sectionals and help others.
  • Band students must devote time to leading student sectionals and helping others learn their music. Will always have their own music 100% learned and memorized for marching band and 100% playable for concert band no later than two weeks prior to the concert or performance.
  • Must meet ALL of the above requirements EXCEPT the NH All-State Audition. Also, performance in the Honors recital is NOT expected, but students may audition for a slot with the directors in advance.


The Spaulding Music Department is excited to announce that we are now able to accept online credit card payments for fees and other bills through our CHARMS Parent/Student Portal using PayPal (no account required - just use the guest checkout option)! This is just one of several new features offered through the system with others to follow in the future. 

Students were recently supplied with their Charms ID # and a one-sheet that explains how to log on to the system. A copy of the instructions can be found HERE. Ask your child for their ID number, or contact 
Kate Hayward or Ron Goodwin for assistance. 

Please Note: A small surcharge will be added to each transaction to cover processing fees charged by PayPal. 

We hope this service provides you a welcome alternative to sending money or checks in with your students, however you may also continue to pay using any of the methods with which you have in the past. 

Important Ways We Communicate Information
We use several methods to communicate important information to our students and their parents. 

For information on the ways in which we communicate official information to both students and parents as well as for instructions on how to sign up please visit our Ways We Communicate page or click on the tab in the menu above.
130 Wakefield Street
Rochester, NH 

(603) 332-0757
ext. 2162 

Joanne Houston, chair
Cheryl Richardson
Ron Goodwin

Kate Hayward

Website maintained by the SHS Music Dept.
for more info. contact:
Ron Goodwin

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Please, be extra careful when you are communicating with people via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sometimes what we say online can be misinterpreted when there is no facial expression or body language present to reinforce our meaning. Emojis and emoticons only do part of that job for us. 

Poorly worded messages can hurt feelings and get unsubstantiated rumors started.

STUDENTS: We have spent an extreme amount of money for the resources we use on a daily basis. This includes instruments, music, electronics, infrastructure, etc. For example, the drumline battery cost us over $15,000, tubas cost $4,000/each, baritone horns $1,800, French horns $1,500, Baritone Saxophones $3,000 ... and the list goes on!

We cannot afford to be careless with all of the wonderful things we have worked to own!

Please be gentle and careful with the equipment and our area. Pick up after yourselves and make the space cleaner for the next person. Always put instruments in cases and lockers when not in use. Make the area presentable for guests.

We are fortunate that we have this space and equipment to share, DON’T ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE, or you will LOSE IT!