Welcome to the Spaulding High School Music Department Official Website
As Director of Music in Rochester, I am excited to share a great deal of information with our students, parents, alumni, community members and friends of SHS Music.  There are many informative areas within the website to help everyone keep up with our busy schedule and reflect on recent performances and plan for upcoming events.   I am hopeful that you will find everything you need within this website and will let me know if you would like more information about any aspect of our department.  I am very proud of the Spaulding High School Music Department and the tradition of excellence within our program.  Welcome to the Music Department Family.

With Pride,


Joanne Houston, Director of Music
Rochester School Department
Spaulding High School
130 Wakefield Street
Rochester, New Hampshire 03867
(603)332-0757 ext. 244

Event Calendar/Courses

The event calendar is constantly updated with up to the minute rehearsal schedules, time changes, and advanced notice of how to schedule life with music department events in mind well in advance.  Events are planned to give students as much notice as possible to help a student become an effective manager of their time.  Music students are expected to be excellent academic students and exceptional musicians.  Time management and organization of personal time around social life, part time employment, sports, family time and time to enjoy personal hobbies are all important in creating a balanced life.   Our busy schedule is always available at this link in the website. 

We want our students to have fulfilling musical and life changing experiences in the music department.  We have a huge variety of course offered such as:

Dance, Voice lab, Theatre I and II, Handbells I and II,  Colorguard
Music Technology, Television Production I and II, World of Music
Music Theory Enriched and Music Theory, Personal Motivation and Student Leadership and Chorus and Band.

The music and theatre department produces a major musical annually and some  past productions include:

Wizard of Oz, Grease, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Beauty and the Beast, Once Upon A Mattress, Phantom of the Opera, Hello Dolly, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Peter Pan,  Music Man, Seussical,  Bye, Bye Birdie and High School Musical. 

As a member of the SHS Music Department students often have the opportunity to travel and perform throughout the United States and Canada.  Some trips have included:
Walt Disneyworld, Disneyland, New York City, Toronto, Canada , the Bahamas, the Statue of Liberty, The steps of the United States Capitol, Shea Stadium,  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and for President George H. Bush, President Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and President George W. Bush’s Inaugural Festivities in Washington, D.C..  All students are able to fundraise and perform with us at special events  locally and throughout the United States.

The benefits of being a member of the Spaulding High School Music Department are academic, musical and personal growth in a diverse and inclusive family atmosphere.  Being a member of this department will be a life changing experience that you will never regret where you will learn an incredible amount about yourself and how to work with others in a  large team setting.  A senior recently said” This has been the best experience of my life and these four years have flown by with the most incredible friends I have ever met”. “ I don’t know where I would be right now without this department”.  Drop by and meet us and attend a class and see for yourself.  The music department welcomes everyone !!!

Band Camp

Band Camp is held at Spaulding High School in early August each year and is the only mandatory summer rehearsal schedule during the summer months.  We need all of our students at this camp to learn our half time music and drill design for the upcoming football halftime show and band shows at Dover and Salem.

Music and drill chart links are found on this website and will be extremely helpful to all our marching band students but most especially all incoming freshman who may struggle with the newness of moving and playing simultaneously. 

Band camp is a wonderful time of bonding as a musical family of performers and continuing the tradition of excellence as a well respected marching band.  It is a week full of hard work in a hot summer season but this time of practice and pride is well worth the end result of producing an incredibly entertaining show

Meals are usually bought at area restaurants in walking distance during a one hour lunch break.  Students walk in small groups and purchase their own meals according to their personal taste and price range.

Water, sunscreen, dot markers, drill charts, dot books, pens, band aids, and comfortable tie sneakers are essential elements to a successful band camp for each student.  Some students bring cold drinks, coolers, snacks, hats, bug spray, and things that will keep them comfortable in hot and/or humid weather. 

Please check out the comments on the band camp link and the photos of band camp in the photo link section of this website.


Curriculum link is designed to explain competency based instruction and assessment in band, chorus, and music classes.  There are many invaluable links and information regarding the new grading system at Spaulding High School on the rochesterschools.com website under the Spaulding High School link, Competency Based Instruction.  

Simply put, competency based assessment and instruction is designed to inform students as to what they should be responsible to learn in each of their classes.  Both formative and summative assessments will help teachers assess what the students have learned and how they are able to apply and use the information that they have learned. 

Grades range from advanced competent, beyond competent, competent, not yet competent, and insufficient work submitted.  Re-do opportunities are available for students who are struggling to achieve competence and teachers in the music department are always available to assist students in this goal.

Music performance tests, written evaluations, public performances and musicianship play a large role in the student’s grade.  Student’s who can perform their music with a high level of competence will earn outstanding grades.  Any student who studies voice or their instrument with a private teacher will benefit greatly from this opportunity.  Lessons are highly recommended for any interested students.