African Percussion & Drumming Ensemble

CRS (TBD)                        Grade 9-12                                    CR ½                        Q                     1 block

Through daily hands-on instruction, students will learn to play authentic African drums and percussion instruments. This course will delve much more deeply into the topic than might have been studied in General Music at RMS. The goal of the class will be to rehearse and perform a number of actual African dance rhythms as well as African inspired ensemble pieces for presentation at a small performance at the end of the quarter. While preparing for the performance, students will learn a little about African culture, music, and dance as well as the importance of the drum to their societies. Study may expand to include percussion instruments of the Caribbean pending availability of instruments. Use of, and instruction on melodic percussion instruments, will be based on the skill level of class participants. No prior musical performing experience is necessary. Knowledge of how to read traditional rhythmic and/or melodic notation would be very helpful, but not required. A strong work ethic and a willingness to learn in a unique environment is a must! NOTE: This class will fulfill the fine arts requirement for graduation.