Voice Lab I


1)   LITERACY – Students will understand that music literacy is comprised of skills involving reading, critical listening, and interpretation of form and expressive characteristics of music.  (35%)

2)   TECHNICAL SKILLS – Students will understand that there are a number of important technical skills that must be mastered to create music. (35%)

3)   LIFELONG LEARNING -  Students will understand that skills acquired in the study of music will be of benefit personally and socially now and in the future.  (30%)


Performance Indicators:

LIT-1)  Demonstrate the skills involved in reading music.
 Demonstrate the skills involved in critically listening to music.
  Demonstrate the skills involved in interpretation of form and expressive characteristics of music

Demonstrate ability to independently perform solo repertoire
)  Demonstrate knowledge of the vocal instrument-specific care and techniques of proper vocal production.

LIF-1)  Demonstrate behaviors that reflect a positive contribution towards Solo and group efforts.
LIF-2)  Develop a criteria for evaluating musical performances of self and others.
LIF-3)  Identify stylistic and cultural characteristics from a variety of literature.
LIF-4)  Exhibit self-confidence and development of positive work ethic.
LIF-5)  Demonstrate a commitment to civic engagement and social responsibility through performance.