How does a student earn an “A” in chorus?
Each student is given concert music to read, rehearse, mark appropriately with musical phrases, dynamics, articulations, language translations, note durations, time signatures, and markings that are pertinent to their vocal part.  They are expected to take notes in class as we rehearse the music each day and take the music home to reinforce and personalize the concepts taught in class.  Students who earn an “A” Advanced will be able to sing their music individually with proper vocal production and intonation.  Their vocal performance and understanding of the music will showcase their musical excellence with appropriate preparation and attention to detail.

How does a student earn an “A” in band? 
Students will memorize their marching band music including Star Trek, Defying Gravity, Soak Up the Sun, Jupiter, the Star Spangled Banner, On To Victory, and Final Countdown for the Fall Marching Band Season.  Students will exhibit all the appropriate technical, musical, and marching band skills necessary to execute the marching band halftime show at a level of excellence including all musical aspects of each piece of music performed in the show.  Appropriate musical markings include dynamics, phrasing, articulations, fingerings, stickings, time signatures, accidentals, breath marks, proper intonation and tone quality.  Students must complete a marching band notebook and label all of the charts as indicated in each song with appropriate directional movement on the football field.

Assessments will occur in both a summative and formative format through individual and group performance as well as written test, quizzes, and projects such as the notebooks produced by each student.

Professionalism plays an integral role in the grading of students in public performance based classes.  Band and Chorus students perform often and are each important individuals in the large group organization.  Their presence is mandatory at all practices and events and notice is given in an extremely generous timeframe so that students can plan their work, school, and personal life around the concerts and performances.

We thoroughly enjoy working with each of our music students and would love to meet you at our monthly Booster Meetings.  Please visit our website and or drop me a line at my email address:  If you have any questions, please call us at 332-0757 ext. 244. Thanks for your time and supporting music and the arts, a vital part of your student’s education!!!  Hope to meet all of you at the next Booster Meeting.

~Joanne Houston, Cheryl Richardson, Ron Goodwin and Linda Stevens