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Racetrack Thank You!

posted Sep 29, 2015, 2:15 AM by Spaulding High Music   [ updated Sep 29, 2015, 2:16 AM ]

I'd like to give a shout out and a huge thanks for coming to the racetrack on Friday and Saturday. With the parents help, we were able to meet our goal of 110 on each day and surpassed that with 125 on Friday and 124 on Saturday.  Yesterday, we would not have made that goal without parents as 39 were there to accompany our 85 students.

You guys always come through for us and for your kids !!!!  You are amazing !!!! Don't forget to show your Red Raider Pride on Saturday, October 10th at Salem High School at 6pm and Dover High School at the Bandshow at 6pm on October 17th !!!   We always look forward to "HEARING" you as we TAKE the field !!!!!

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for always being there !!!!

"H"     "R"   and Mr. Goodwin


posted Mar 30, 2015, 12:24 PM by Spaulding High Music   [ updated Apr 16, 2015, 6:44 PM ]

Reflection and rest can help shed some light on the enormous adventure of Mary Poppins once you finally catch your breath and all of us are starting to be on the mend functioning again at home, at work, and at school.  Phewwww, those fifty five hours of rehearsals the week when we returned from vacation sure do have a way of taking its toll on you due to all of that snow and rehearsal cancellations.

So, having said all of that….What did we create?

My first thought is a MONSTER that will go down in the history of the SHS Masque and Dagger Drama Club as one of those unforgettable productions with so much fun, so much magic, so many familiar ensemble song and dance tunes and a musical with flying, and near and dear to so many people’s hearts from a childhood memory of the first time that they saw the movie with Julie Andrews. 

When we first received the royalties right before the FROZEN WINTER WONDERLAND SPECTACULAR VILLAGE, we had no idea where the show would take all of us.  Of course the first stop is Cherry Tree Lane but getting there… that was the trick.  When the flying company said they couldn’t fit us in, or the new paint and fire regulations happened or the stage floor ripped or the large ensemble cast and scads of costumes, as well as 30 chimney sweeps, or creepy nursery toys or the bankers that beat our RIVALS….YAYYYYYYY  or what about how to fly a kite or change scenes so quickly or statues in the park looking like statues, or backdrops from four different companies, or a star curtain that was something to reach for in the heavens………..Talk about tearfully magnificent??????   So, I guess it’s true “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN” if you have people who will do absolutely anything they can to make things magically appear through nightstands and holes in the stage floor…..ooops sorry if you didn’t already know that one J

What makes a show spectacular?  Each one of the people who gave their heart and soul to the one goal of excellence above compare on any high school stage around as well as the many comments about “THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL PRODUCTION”

I have seen this in areas like Ogunquit or college stages, or community theater and this is UNBELIEVABLE.  I can’t believe that those kids are high school teenagers.

It starts with lots of heart and lots of love.  Make up, hair stylists, costume committees, prop builders,  set designers, publicity, photography, umbrellas from NYC, showcase design, newspaper reporters, painters, programs and ads, yummy pancake breakfast makers, chimney sweep brush makers, doll makers, magic carpet bag makers, valentine doll makers, flying operators and parent volunteers helping fly backstage, backstage managers, lighting directors, sound technicians, conductors and musical directors in the pit, concessions helpers, ticket organizers and sellers,  and Mary’s incredible Jolly Holiday gown and Blue and Red Suits, cast members, tech crew, stage crew, lighting and sound crew members.  


The double cast was a HUGE risk and ridiculous undertaking with everyone second- guessing who was chosen for each role.  But time and time again, I kept hearing people say that they couldn’t have done this demanding of a show every night and the audience couldn’t pick a clear favorite from either cast.  It took us a while to understand the concept of how to rehearse not by being on stage all the time but by watching your counterpart rehearse the scene and understanding it from afar without the shear exhaustion of too many repetitions.  All in all, the double casting was worth the gargantuan effort and blood, sweat, and tears in sickness and health….more of the first one  :-/  You all made us proud.  Ensemble and leads alike.

So, at the end of the day…..There really aren’t any words to say thank you that would even begin to touch upon what this experience called MARY POPPINS meant to each and every one of us.   It began in the winter of 2014 and three months later in much more snow……it was all gone on March 22nd at 5:00pm only to wonder just like the park scene in Jolly Holiday………DID IT REALLY HAPPEN????

It is a true once in a lifetime happening that we all gave every ounce of ourselves to each other and put it all on the line and produced an AMAZING SHOW together that will live long beyond those three months in our lives.  Those of us that have lived a while beyond our teenage years know for sure…….opportunities like these do not come along very often.   Hopefully, you each stopped to smell the roses and made the moments count as this was but a few months of fleeting EXCELLENCE where the bar was once again raised to a new degree of MAGIC, WONDER and Love of music and people.  

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.  With Love and Pride:

“H”   “R”, “Mr. Goodwin,  Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Towle, Mrs. Stevens, and Ms. “B”

P.S.   And Then one week later, we still were able to function at the MIOSM Concert with the help of all of those wonderful parent volunteers facilitating the crowds and students in the performing groups.  Thanks for all that you do but most especially who you are!!!!   We truly couldn’t have this incredible music program without each of you J  It takes a village  J     Thankfully the next one is still 9 months away from us at this time J    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN for taking such great care of all of us!!!!!!      On to Florida on April 25th.


***If you were involved in the SHOW backstage, behind the scenes, or on stage, please join us for our cast party on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:30pm in the bandroom.

Look At What We've Accomplished

posted Dec 27, 2014, 1:50 PM by Spaulding High Music

SO …… you wonder why we’re tired???????  Look at what we’ve accomplished since band camp in August 2014


*Band Camp  (DCI Show, Parent Show, Leadership Camp)

*Two Days of Racetrack clean up

*Mary Poppins show in Ogunquit

*Freshman Orientation

*Halftime show, props, podium and HALO Intensity weekend  (SNAFF/WOW/GOT/HA/HALO)    Awesome show

*Football Games

*Dover Bandshow   (cancelled Salem Bandshow)

*Sr. Night Last Football Game

*Addams Family Show Ogunquit

*RMS Band Football Game

*Concert Season begins October 27th

*Parades in Woburn and Columbus Day Boston

**Rochester Christmas Parade

*Seacoast Choral Festival in Portsmouth (Mojuba/Didn’t it Rain/ Peace In This House/Mouth Music/My Good Lord

*PSU   All New England Choral and Band Festivals

*Area Handbell Ring in Holden Massachusetts

*All State Auditions…Congrats Alexa Gagne, Corin Molinaro, Madeleine Krebs, Sarah Smith, Michael Jenness, Matthew Bruneau and Abigail Tapley, Lydia Hoffman

*Being reading mentors to William Allen School Students

*Performing for the retired teachers

*Taking lessons with UNH Students

*Veteran’s Day Church Service  (Star Spangled Banner, Thank You Soldiers)

*Mary Poppins auditions

*13 Rochester School Department Music Concerts this Christmas season

*Music Ensembles:  Concert, Marching and Jazz Band, Chorus, Select Chorus, Men’s Singers, Percussion ensemble, Colorguard and Handbells, Costumes and scripts for FROZEN. 

*Fundraisers: Red raider Cards, Yankee candles, pies and cheesecakes, tagging

*Extra sectionals before school, practice after school, projects for village

*Parent instrument demo nights  which earned us a brand new tenor saxophone


YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING, CRAZY and very loveable and helpful……please find time to rest over this break because we have lots more in store as you can imagine.  


posted Dec 27, 2014, 1:47 PM by Spaulding High Music

A FROZEN WINTER WONDERLAND 2014                  25th Annual Christmas Village

At this time of year with no time to spare

The Frozen Village is a lifetime memory we’ll always share

The Arendelle Town Square was really a big hit

It had a lot of great shopkeepers and was a good fit.

Even though the “mountain melted” most people didn’t know

Sometimes things must change as we learn and grow

The projects in the hall were really great

It was very engaging and helped people with the wait.

The sets were beautiful and made shopping in Arendelle fun

It seems this village has become the new favorite one

Keeping us all together inside of our own little town

Sure made those tasty treats and krispy kremes easily slide down

Each year it “takes a village” to make everyone smile

Twenty five years of villages is quite a long while

It’s hard to imagine how many faces we’ve seen

No matte whether that singing tree was white or green

When traditions are started you never know

Through the years where they’ll go

The music was great and the script was fun

With Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, Rudy, Frosty and Olaf in the sun

Each year is special and very unique

It’s always exciting when we take our first peek

But the greatest gift of every village by far is each of you

No matter what we have to change and work with, we always pull through

It wouldn’t be the same without the journey along the way

It’s all about the laughter, music, and love we experience each day

Memories are created and etched in our hearts

Through the years we will look back with fondness whether near or apart

The SHS Music Department Family has changed us all “for good”

Spending hours of time accomplishing all that we could

It’s the journey that matters at the end of the day

So, it’s with love and gratitude to each of you we say………

“I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”…With much love, joy, peace, and restful days, “H”, “R” and Goodwin.


Mary Poppins & Disney Trip

posted Aug 16, 2014, 7:28 AM by Spaulding High Music   [ updated Aug 16, 2014, 7:31 AM ]

Dear Music Family:

Last night, Mrs. Richardson and I saw the Ogunquit Playhouse Production of Mary Poppins.   It was INCREDIBLE and we drove away thinking……how can our kids see this production?  SO, we will be at school on Wednesday, August 20th from 5-6:30pm for two purposes:

 1.      Collect Raider Card $ and give out other cards with a  pink printed or written permission slip from your parents that says they are responsible for the cost of the cards if you lose them.  The cards are $10 each and you will earn a $5 profit per card.  

 2.  We are attempting another field trip which is not during school time and will be Friday, August 29th during the Labor Day Weekend.  The cost of the ticket and the bus to the Ogunquit Playhouse to see MARY POPPINS is $30.00 which is an incredibly inexpensive price to see an AWESOME stage production similar to the size of our stage at SHS.  There are many special effects and flying which is unbelievable.    BUT….I need a FIRM commitment and $30 by this WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20th at the school with your money/check made out to SHS Music in hand to buy you the ticket.    If it is IMPOSSIBLE to get me the money that day, please contact me by cell phone 674-7293 if you are POSITIVELY sure that you are going.   We are considering many shows for this upcoming school year and this is definitely in the running as a possibility so if you are interested in the show like last year when we were and still are considering FOOTLOOSE on our list of shows and a few others……you should come and see the show because it is awesome like……. as great as our productions of Phantom, Peter Pan and Sound of Music.  You will love it too which is why I am attempting this field trip again at such a low cost compared to the price of our seats in the back section last night that were priced at $62.00 each……so this is quite a big savings for you and an awesome deal to include transportation too.   The first 50 people to sign up and pay will be considered for 1 bus and then we will see if we can use another bus or van……to transport a few others if we need to.   COST:    $30

          We will meet on Friday, August 29th at 5:45pm, leave at 6:00pm

    The show starts at 8:00pm and is over at 11:00pm.  We will be returning to SHS around 11:45pm

    3.       We currently have 110 tickets reserved for Wednesday, October 15th Matinee of Addams Family for $30 as well.  


Also, we are going to have a trip night meeting where you and your parents will hear about the trip to Orlando Florida to Disney World and the fund raisers that can help you earn a discounted trip on Wednesday, September 17th from 6:30-8:00pm.  If you are planning to travel with us, IT IS MANDATORY that you and a parent attend.

The trip is scheduled for April 25th-May 1st  2015.   

IT IS GOING TO BE AN EXCITING YEAR J      “H”      “R”     Mr. Goodwin

Dedicated to the Class of 2014

posted Jul 28, 2014, 9:33 PM by Spaulding High Music   [ updated Jul 28, 2014, 9:34 PM ]

Class of 2014

You walked in as children with hope in your eyes
You're leaving soon on your journey confident & wise
Four years seemed like a long time on that first day
But looking back now, the time has passed quickly way

Who you've become and the lessons you know
Helped you be strong as we watched you grow
Think of all the halftime shows and the crowds did cheer
The first time you marched onto the field, you lose that fear

Together we can do it all and music we create
Being our own large family is truly great
"With Pride" is something we feel deep in our heart
The SHS Music Department Family will live on wherever we go and when we part

Money is not plentiful but richness comes in many ways
New experiences, new music, all things new in each of our days
The "Pride of the Rock" isn't something you can buy
It is the reason "We Are Family" whether we laugh or cry

Class of 2014 has been one full of love & a special gift
Don't forget on your journey to find the "big rocks" in the sand you must sift
Beauty & the Beast, Sound of Music, Phantom and Peter Pan
Remember looking up on the stage to see that silver Masquerade Fan?

Lion King was a new kind of show, and you've set the bar high
It's time to move on in the Circle of Life but please come back and stop by
We hope the seeds we've planted and the beautiful garden roots have grown deep
Always treasure the music, the love and the special memories that you will always keep.

With Love & Pride,
"H", "R",  "Goodwin"
Mrs. Stevens, Ramsay and "Craigles"

To Our Band Parents:

Provider of Inspiration
Always the ones who love us
Role model, Friend, and Mentor
Encourages us and makes our dreams happen
Never one to give up on us
Today, Yesterday & tomorrow, we will always love you for who you are to us

Lion King 2013-2014

Pride Rock is our symbol of stability, creativity, focused fun, music family, love, laughter, tears, the Circle of Life, the "H" teenth of October and 30 years, and a time that we built together which we will always cherish in our memories of a new type of halftime show as the Spaulding Red Raider Marching Band brought Broadway to our loyal fans.  Thank you for bringing our vision to the Circle of Life in the Lion King.

Proud and loving Music Department Family
Rejoicing in each other's personal success
Incredible lifetime memories made together
Dedication, Work Ethic, Dependable and strong as PRIDE ROCK
Excellence is our tradition and defines who we are

Christmas Village 2013 Thank You!

posted Dec 26, 2013, 6:24 PM by Spaulding High Music   [ updated Dec 26, 2013, 6:24 PM ]

Arthur Christmas 2013

Tis the season for caroling and shopping
This new Winter Wonderland kept us all hopping
The Tree was decorated in white and silver around their neck
Tough to cancel the last show but we avoided a wreck

So why do this village each and every year
Because it is a source of great pride and holiday cheer
The community, friends, and family all love to see
What the theme of the village this year will be

Arthur was a hit with the Winter Wonderland aglow
It really was unique with all of the white sparkles and snow
How does this magic happen at the end of each village show
It is with the help of each of you and the friends that we know

Arthur Christmas was a fun theme built with tender love and care
And every year when we worry, eventually we all get there
We all have become accustomed to a fabulous set
This doesn’t just “happen” on this we can bet

It takes lots of hands, many hours and love above all
To put together each set, each snowflake, the tree and each wall
Not many know that it truly takes a village to see the dream through
But I know that this isn’t at all possible without each and every one of you

I know you love your kids and want to see them smile
Your time and talents provide lifetime memories that will last quite a long while
So what can I really say that can ever convey what I truly feel
Except that we all are in this together and you make the village dream become real

I wish you all peace, happiness and holidays filled with fun
You all are amazing and I am thankful for everyone
Please stop building and painting and take time to get some rest
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, You are the best !!!

H     A     P     P     Y         H     O     L     I     D     A     Y     S


30th Celebration

posted Oct 20, 2013, 10:00 PM by Spaulding High Music

Dear Spaulding High School Music Family:

How can I ever thank you all enough?  Words are never adequate but I want to share a few of my impressions of this past weekend with you. 

When we first discussed the thought of having a 30 year celebration, I was excited about the prospect of seeing so many alumni, friends, and family and catching up on all of your busy lives.  It was so much fun when I started to see you all arriving at the field with your instruments, your voice and most especially that sparkle in your eyes and the big hugs and greetings I was privileged to receive.  Then we began to rehearse and I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you playing together again.  It was an awesome sight and moment to “totally take in” from the podium.  It was overwhelming to see and hear what we all have given to the creation of the Spaulding High School Music Family.  We all have given our heart, soul, pride, dedication, and very best to carry on “Our Tradition of Excellence” throughout the past three decades.  You all have played a key role in this tradition as you each gave so much of your time and talents to share in the Red Raider Marching Band Pride.  We are all an important and unique piece of this puzzle that together is truly a once in a lifetime work of art.

The reception was so much fun.  I loved seeing all of you sitting with your friends who you spent countless hours hanging out with, making music with and shaping your high school career.  Time and life have a way of pulling us far apart in distance and time but when you get back together with friends that shared so many memories over the years, it seems like we just pick up where we left off before those job commitments and kids at home.  The “museum” was a unique look back in time and how we’ve all changed over the years and yet kept those treasured memories alive.  I’m glad that you think I’ve aged well J   Although you did laugh a whole lot about my early years.  The food, friends, crazy photo shoots…..many of you have NOT changed in your creative poses and comments…..but I absolutely loved them and they gave me quite a few laughs when I got home after the band show and looked at them.  You guys are hysterical.

Friday night I got home after midnight and felt so blessed and tired but a really wonderful tired after a very full day of wonderful people and activities.  The game, pregame, rehearsal, visits, coin toss and touching tributes and comments were overwhelming and I felt like I was one of the luckiest people in the world who was hugged literally and figuratively by so many wonderful people. 

Saturday morning was like Christmas for me as I sat and opened all of your cards and letters and I read your heartfelt words.  I smiled a lot, cried some too, and just was continuously surprised by your generosity in photos, letters, words, gifts, and giving so much of yourselves to me.  We are so fortunate to have shared such great growing years together and I have been changed by each of you as you walked through our music department doors and I watched you walk across that graduation stage which is always bittersweet in seeing that you are anxious and ready to fly and knowing that things will change but that “All of us Have Been Changed For Good”.  

Saturday night was an absolute blast as YOUR RED RAIDER MARCHING BAND earned one of the most incredible standing ovations at the Dover Band Show.  They stepped up their show to peak and perform their most incredible show all season which was EXCELLENT timing on their part J   You would have been so proud of them and I hope that you know  you always have a part in the legacy that continues with the seeds that you each have planted in the years before them.  

On Sunday, the SHS Chorus performed at the worship service in North Barnstead with their upcoming program for us hosting the Seacoast Choral Festival this Thursday, October 24th at the SHS Auditorium with Dover, Portsmouth, Winnacunnet, and Somersworth as well as SHS of course.  We brought the brass and handbells and two buses of happy people who shared their time and talents with the congregation of Congregational Church of North Barnstead.  They did a great job singing but also were kind, caring and wonderful young role models who represent Spaulding and Rochester as the classy people they are. 

I ended this wonderful weekend with my brother Mike and Esther from Florida as we went apple picking, leaf peeping up to Lake Winnapasaukee  and shared an early Thanksgiving celebration at Hart’s Turkey Farm because I was born on Thanksgiving,  because we will not be together on Thanksgiving and because it was a wonderful way to think about the true blessings in my life……..Each of you.  How much richer could anyone be than in the riches of spending time together, performing music together, and loving each of you as friends and family?  I am truly blessed and I will remember this past weekend of my 30 year celebration, laughs, tears, hugs, music , and love for the rest of my life.  It was far beyond my wildest imagination….which as you know is pretty wild J   Hats off parents, committee, volunteers, cooks, museum display people, people who moved it all over to the rec center and back, and anyone else I may not have known did a huge amount of work as well as the halftime show crew in construction and moving crew………..

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you and Thank you and Thank you again.

And last but not least my esteemed and classy colleagues, Mrs. Richardson (My best friend), Mr. Goodwin who is always ever “present” as truly a gift to me and our program, to Mrs.. Stevens who I’ve known for all 30 years and Craig an awesome assistant percussion director and Ramsay Dean who helps to make our wonderful colorguard shine….It takes a village and you guys are the total example of success meaning the people who you surround yourself with being incredible human beings and incredible friends and colleagues.  We are the Family together that is the glue in the work of art called the Spaulding High School Music Family.

You each have changed me FOR GOOD J

With much Love and Heartfelt Thanks,


Music Banquet 2013

posted Jun 8, 2013, 11:12 AM by Spaulding High Music

Dear Music Booster Families:
I am writing to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the organization and splendor of the music department banquet on Sunday at the American Legion.  We truly appreciate all of the time, talents, effort and planning that goes into an event where nearly 500 attend and enjoy such a fabulous time of celebration.   It is a wonderful day of celebration for all of our students who are in the music program as well as a time to reflect and say goodbye to our graduating seniors.    We all appreciated the useful gifts of Apple TVs , the tuner, and the music stands and the projector bulb replacement.  Often times the music budget provided by the school department can’t possibly keep up with the costs involved in funding the music program which includes nearly 300 students with many different ensembles and productions.  So thank you for filling in the blanks where we can’t truly afford all of the things we need to make this the outstanding program that it is.
I truly believe that the secret to our success within the SHS Music family is that we all are the puzzle pieces which make the beautiful picture when we put all of our work together.  The banquet was a lot of fun with awards, food, games racing around the room, table decorations, dessert table and 2013 cupcake tray and every other aspects of the love and care that we all put into this special time that we share together at the end of each school year.  I hope that you know that we cannot ever truly repay you for your kindness and dedication but will occasionally look at your butterfly picture and angel to remind you of how much you all mean to us.
Thanks again and have a great summer!  Cya at band camp!

Peter Pan Message

posted Apr 2, 2013, 4:37 AM by Spaulding High Music

DO YOU BELIEVE ……… Peter Pan once asked you to believe??? I know that as directors WE DO BELIEVE that you guys are absolutely amazing! Can you believe that just a week ago, we were all just finishing our last incredible sold out performance of Peter Pan 2013? This has been an incredible and fabulous journey for all of us to have taken together through the Darling Nursery, Neverland, and Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship and back home again all in the same day. Magic like
this is obviously very unique and unusual as we have all heard over and over by so many of our fans from Rochester, the Seacoast, across the State of New Hampshire and even from other states as far away as Connecticut and Florida. Every detail
in each musical and acting preparation, costumes sewn, concessions deliciously made and sold, sets constructed, sets designed, programs printed, tickets sold, and painted, faces professionally made up and hair professionally styled, no small
nuance was missing complete with our fabulous flying crew and sound and lighting crew backstage and pit orchestra in front of the stage. This definitely was so much more than a high school drama production at an average New Hampshire High School. We have become known across the State as one of the finest drama programs in any high school setting and that is because WE ARE THE SPAULDING HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA AND MUSIC DEPARTMENT !!! We are so blessed to have talented and dedicated students, staff, parents, and community volunteers. This is anything BUT usual. As directors, we are truly thankful to each and every one of you who helped to make this show a once in a lifetime memory in their high school careers. As we all learn through each musical, concert, football show, choral festival, trip or any other event in the lives of our students, it is so important to celebrate the journey as well as the end result, a fabulous performance. What it takes to get to the end is perseverance, commitment, dedication, musicianship and most of all love. We all have dedicated ourselves to excellence and nothing but the best. The love that we share through the art of music is beyond words. Peter Pan is now a memory tucked safely in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please plan to join us on Wednesday, April 17 th at 7:00pm in the chorus room if you were part of the volunteer cast and crew to celebrate the wonderful accomplishment of Peter Pan 2013.

We are Spaulding and we are truly blessed by each of you!!!

“H”, “R”, Mr. Goodwin, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Towle, and Mrs. Martin

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