30th Celebration

posted Oct 20, 2013, 10:00 PM by Spaulding High Music

Dear Spaulding High School Music Family:

How can I ever thank you all enough?  Words are never adequate but I want to share a few of my impressions of this past weekend with you. 

When we first discussed the thought of having a 30 year celebration, I was excited about the prospect of seeing so many alumni, friends, and family and catching up on all of your busy lives.  It was so much fun when I started to see you all arriving at the field with your instruments, your voice and most especially that sparkle in your eyes and the big hugs and greetings I was privileged to receive.  Then we began to rehearse and I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you playing together again.  It was an awesome sight and moment to “totally take in” from the podium.  It was overwhelming to see and hear what we all have given to the creation of the Spaulding High School Music Family.  We all have given our heart, soul, pride, dedication, and very best to carry on “Our Tradition of Excellence” throughout the past three decades.  You all have played a key role in this tradition as you each gave so much of your time and talents to share in the Red Raider Marching Band Pride.  We are all an important and unique piece of this puzzle that together is truly a once in a lifetime work of art.

The reception was so much fun.  I loved seeing all of you sitting with your friends who you spent countless hours hanging out with, making music with and shaping your high school career.  Time and life have a way of pulling us far apart in distance and time but when you get back together with friends that shared so many memories over the years, it seems like we just pick up where we left off before those job commitments and kids at home.  The “museum” was a unique look back in time and how we’ve all changed over the years and yet kept those treasured memories alive.  I’m glad that you think I’ve aged well J   Although you did laugh a whole lot about my early years.  The food, friends, crazy photo shoots…..many of you have NOT changed in your creative poses and comments…..but I absolutely loved them and they gave me quite a few laughs when I got home after the band show and looked at them.  You guys are hysterical.

Friday night I got home after midnight and felt so blessed and tired but a really wonderful tired after a very full day of wonderful people and activities.  The game, pregame, rehearsal, visits, coin toss and touching tributes and comments were overwhelming and I felt like I was one of the luckiest people in the world who was hugged literally and figuratively by so many wonderful people. 

Saturday morning was like Christmas for me as I sat and opened all of your cards and letters and I read your heartfelt words.  I smiled a lot, cried some too, and just was continuously surprised by your generosity in photos, letters, words, gifts, and giving so much of yourselves to me.  We are so fortunate to have shared such great growing years together and I have been changed by each of you as you walked through our music department doors and I watched you walk across that graduation stage which is always bittersweet in seeing that you are anxious and ready to fly and knowing that things will change but that “All of us Have Been Changed For Good”.  

Saturday night was an absolute blast as YOUR RED RAIDER MARCHING BAND earned one of the most incredible standing ovations at the Dover Band Show.  They stepped up their show to peak and perform their most incredible show all season which was EXCELLENT timing on their part J   You would have been so proud of them and I hope that you know  you always have a part in the legacy that continues with the seeds that you each have planted in the years before them.  

On Sunday, the SHS Chorus performed at the worship service in North Barnstead with their upcoming program for us hosting the Seacoast Choral Festival this Thursday, October 24th at the SHS Auditorium with Dover, Portsmouth, Winnacunnet, and Somersworth as well as SHS of course.  We brought the brass and handbells and two buses of happy people who shared their time and talents with the congregation of Congregational Church of North Barnstead.  They did a great job singing but also were kind, caring and wonderful young role models who represent Spaulding and Rochester as the classy people they are. 

I ended this wonderful weekend with my brother Mike and Esther from Florida as we went apple picking, leaf peeping up to Lake Winnapasaukee  and shared an early Thanksgiving celebration at Hart’s Turkey Farm because I was born on Thanksgiving,  because we will not be together on Thanksgiving and because it was a wonderful way to think about the true blessings in my life……..Each of you.  How much richer could anyone be than in the riches of spending time together, performing music together, and loving each of you as friends and family?  I am truly blessed and I will remember this past weekend of my 30 year celebration, laughs, tears, hugs, music , and love for the rest of my life.  It was far beyond my wildest imagination….which as you know is pretty wild J   Hats off parents, committee, volunteers, cooks, museum display people, people who moved it all over to the rec center and back, and anyone else I may not have known did a huge amount of work as well as the halftime show crew in construction and moving crew………..

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you and Thank you and Thank you again.

And last but not least my esteemed and classy colleagues, Mrs. Richardson (My best friend), Mr. Goodwin who is always ever “present” as truly a gift to me and our program, to Mrs.. Stevens who I’ve known for all 30 years and Craig an awesome assistant percussion director and Ramsay Dean who helps to make our wonderful colorguard shine….It takes a village and you guys are the total example of success meaning the people who you surround yourself with being incredible human beings and incredible friends and colleagues.  We are the Family together that is the glue in the work of art called the Spaulding High School Music Family.

You each have changed me FOR GOOD J

With much Love and Heartfelt Thanks,