posted Mar 30, 2015, 12:24 PM by Spaulding High Music   [ updated Apr 16, 2015, 6:44 PM ]

Reflection and rest can help shed some light on the enormous adventure of Mary Poppins once you finally catch your breath and all of us are starting to be on the mend functioning again at home, at work, and at school.  Phewwww, those fifty five hours of rehearsals the week when we returned from vacation sure do have a way of taking its toll on you due to all of that snow and rehearsal cancellations.

So, having said all of that….What did we create?

My first thought is a MONSTER that will go down in the history of the SHS Masque and Dagger Drama Club as one of those unforgettable productions with so much fun, so much magic, so many familiar ensemble song and dance tunes and a musical with flying, and near and dear to so many people’s hearts from a childhood memory of the first time that they saw the movie with Julie Andrews. 

When we first received the royalties right before the FROZEN WINTER WONDERLAND SPECTACULAR VILLAGE, we had no idea where the show would take all of us.  Of course the first stop is Cherry Tree Lane but getting there… that was the trick.  When the flying company said they couldn’t fit us in, or the new paint and fire regulations happened or the stage floor ripped or the large ensemble cast and scads of costumes, as well as 30 chimney sweeps, or creepy nursery toys or the bankers that beat our RIVALS….YAYYYYYYY  or what about how to fly a kite or change scenes so quickly or statues in the park looking like statues, or backdrops from four different companies, or a star curtain that was something to reach for in the heavens………..Talk about tearfully magnificent??????   So, I guess it’s true “ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN” if you have people who will do absolutely anything they can to make things magically appear through nightstands and holes in the stage floor…..ooops sorry if you didn’t already know that one J

What makes a show spectacular?  Each one of the people who gave their heart and soul to the one goal of excellence above compare on any high school stage around as well as the many comments about “THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL PRODUCTION”

I have seen this in areas like Ogunquit or college stages, or community theater and this is UNBELIEVABLE.  I can’t believe that those kids are high school teenagers.

It starts with lots of heart and lots of love.  Make up, hair stylists, costume committees, prop builders,  set designers, publicity, photography, umbrellas from NYC, showcase design, newspaper reporters, painters, programs and ads, yummy pancake breakfast makers, chimney sweep brush makers, doll makers, magic carpet bag makers, valentine doll makers, flying operators and parent volunteers helping fly backstage, backstage managers, lighting directors, sound technicians, conductors and musical directors in the pit, concessions helpers, ticket organizers and sellers,  and Mary’s incredible Jolly Holiday gown and Blue and Red Suits, cast members, tech crew, stage crew, lighting and sound crew members.  


The double cast was a HUGE risk and ridiculous undertaking with everyone second- guessing who was chosen for each role.  But time and time again, I kept hearing people say that they couldn’t have done this demanding of a show every night and the audience couldn’t pick a clear favorite from either cast.  It took us a while to understand the concept of how to rehearse not by being on stage all the time but by watching your counterpart rehearse the scene and understanding it from afar without the shear exhaustion of too many repetitions.  All in all, the double casting was worth the gargantuan effort and blood, sweat, and tears in sickness and health….more of the first one  :-/  You all made us proud.  Ensemble and leads alike.

So, at the end of the day…..There really aren’t any words to say thank you that would even begin to touch upon what this experience called MARY POPPINS meant to each and every one of us.   It began in the winter of 2014 and three months later in much more snow……it was all gone on March 22nd at 5:00pm only to wonder just like the park scene in Jolly Holiday………DID IT REALLY HAPPEN????

It is a true once in a lifetime happening that we all gave every ounce of ourselves to each other and put it all on the line and produced an AMAZING SHOW together that will live long beyond those three months in our lives.  Those of us that have lived a while beyond our teenage years know for sure…….opportunities like these do not come along very often.   Hopefully, you each stopped to smell the roses and made the moments count as this was but a few months of fleeting EXCELLENCE where the bar was once again raised to a new degree of MAGIC, WONDER and Love of music and people.  

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.  With Love and Pride:

“H”   “R”, “Mr. Goodwin,  Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Towle, Mrs. Stevens, and Ms. “B”

P.S.   And Then one week later, we still were able to function at the MIOSM Concert with the help of all of those wonderful parent volunteers facilitating the crowds and students in the performing groups.  Thanks for all that you do but most especially who you are!!!!   We truly couldn’t have this incredible music program without each of you J  It takes a village  J     Thankfully the next one is still 9 months away from us at this time J    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU AGAIN for taking such great care of all of us!!!!!!      On to Florida on April 25th.


***If you were involved in the SHOW backstage, behind the scenes, or on stage, please join us for our cast party on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:30pm in the bandroom.