Peter Pan Message

posted Apr 2, 2013, 4:37 AM by Spaulding High Music
DO YOU BELIEVE ……… Peter Pan once asked you to believe??? I know that as directors WE DO BELIEVE that you guys are absolutely amazing! Can you believe that just a week ago, we were all just finishing our last incredible sold out performance of Peter Pan 2013? This has been an incredible and fabulous journey for all of us to have taken together through the Darling Nursery, Neverland, and Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship and back home again all in the same day. Magic like
this is obviously very unique and unusual as we have all heard over and over by so many of our fans from Rochester, the Seacoast, across the State of New Hampshire and even from other states as far away as Connecticut and Florida. Every detail
in each musical and acting preparation, costumes sewn, concessions deliciously made and sold, sets constructed, sets designed, programs printed, tickets sold, and painted, faces professionally made up and hair professionally styled, no small
nuance was missing complete with our fabulous flying crew and sound and lighting crew backstage and pit orchestra in front of the stage. This definitely was so much more than a high school drama production at an average New Hampshire High School. We have become known across the State as one of the finest drama programs in any high school setting and that is because WE ARE THE SPAULDING HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA AND MUSIC DEPARTMENT !!! We are so blessed to have talented and dedicated students, staff, parents, and community volunteers. This is anything BUT usual. As directors, we are truly thankful to each and every one of you who helped to make this show a once in a lifetime memory in their high school careers. As we all learn through each musical, concert, football show, choral festival, trip or any other event in the lives of our students, it is so important to celebrate the journey as well as the end result, a fabulous performance. What it takes to get to the end is perseverance, commitment, dedication, musicianship and most of all love. We all have dedicated ourselves to excellence and nothing but the best. The love that we share through the art of music is beyond words. Peter Pan is now a memory tucked safely in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please plan to join us on Wednesday, April 17 th at 7:00pm in the chorus room if you were part of the volunteer cast and crew to celebrate the wonderful accomplishment of Peter Pan 2013.

We are Spaulding and we are truly blessed by each of you!!!

“H”, “R”, Mr. Goodwin, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Towle, and Mrs. Martin