Masque and Dagger Drama Club

The TECH CREW ASSIGNMENTS and FRONT OF HOUSE ASSIGNMENTS have been posted. If there are any questions about either please see Mr. Goodwin. The first Tech Crew meeting will be Thursday 1/12/17. Attendance is mandatory. The TECH CALENDAR is now available.

A PDF version of the current CAST REHEARSAL SCHEDULE  is available. Please be aware that schedule changes are very likely to occur due to weather and other potential conflicts and cannot be reflected in this document. Please make sure you are subscribed to the MASQUE & DAGGER DRAMA CLUB Remind List to get the latest rehearsal information, which will also be announced at school.


Shrek The Musical (2016)

 Shrek     Jerome Torres Bove and Zach Lancey
 Young Shrek Alex Comeau
 Papa Ogre Patrick Stanley
 Mama Ogre
 Sierra Rodenhuis
 Princess Fiona Lydia Hoffman and Sarah Smith
 Ogre Fiona Josilin Daigle and Emily Bingham
 Teen Fiona Alexa Gagne and Corin Molinaro
 Young Fiona Sydney Todd and Camryn Gallagher
 Queen Lillian Vanessa Guzman
 King Harold Jonah Hunt
 Donkey Ben Laine and Matt Bruneau
 Dragon Cassandra Mendoza, Alicia Kujawa, Renee Bolduc, Dawn Dunbar,  Daeja Hubbard, Ceili  Lipp, Chloe Molinaro
 Lord Farquaad Nick Krebs and Spencer Wiles
 Captain of the Guard     Devin DiBernardo 
 Guards  Robbie Sturtevant, Nate Trueworthy, Michael Perez, Nathaniel Hunt,  Patrick Stanley,  Jonah Hunt
 Thelonius Jesse Knight
 Gingy Abigail Tapley
 Pinocchio Makayla Thomas
 Big Bad Wolf Jeremiah Richardson
 #1 Pig Renee Bolduc
 #2 Pig Megan Gallagher
 #3 Pig Amanda Cortina
 Mama Bear Courtney Vachon
 Pappa Bear Nick Latessa
 Baby Bear Caroline Dillon
 White Rabbit Camryn Gallagher
 Fairy Godmother     Makenzie Day 
 Peter Pan  Corey Mangold 
 Tinkerbell  Sydney Todd 
 Captain Hook  Alex Abrams 
 Wicked Witch  Alyssa Karkos 
 Sugar Plum Fairy  Alexa Gagne 
 Ugly Duckling  Corin Molinaro 
 Mad Hatter Max Semo 
 Shoemaker's Elf  Grace Rouleau 
 Humpty Dumpty  Chloe Molinaro 
 Tweedle Dee  Jenna Stapin 
 Tweedle Dum  Trinity Allard 
 #1 Blind Mice Meghan Morton
 #2 Blind Mice  Shea Taylor 
 #3 Blind Mice  Sabrina Burnham 
 Pied Piper  Noah Trueworthy 
 Bishop  Nate Trueworthy 
 Dulocan Dancers and 
 Dance Rats
 Charity LaFrance and Sabrina Burnham (Dance Captains) 
 Others will be determined from ensemble cast
 Dancing Skeletons TBD from ensemble cast
 Dulocans Sophie Adams, Dominique Bessette, Reegan Camire, Emylie Coz,  Gabby Ferro, Shelby  Hodgson, MacKayla Perkins, Molly Stanley,  Madison Tingle, Amber Toms, Emily  Vinciguerra, Morgan Giannotti


Show dates:
March 12, 13, 14 ..... 7:00pm
March 15 ................. 2:00pm
March 19, 20, 21 ..... 7:00pm
March 22 ................. 2:00pm


Bert                                                                   Brandon Coles, Jerome Torres Bove

George Banks                                                 Patrick Stanley, Nick Krebs

Winifred Banks                                             Lydia Hoffman, Sarah Smith

Jane Banks                                                      Amanda Cortina, Sydney Evans

Michael Banks                                               Matthew Bruneau, Ben Laine

Katie Nana                                                      Alyssa Karkos

Policeman                                                       Nathaniel Hunt

Miss Lark                                                        Makenzie Day

Admiral Boom                                               Jonah Hunt

Mrs. Brill                                                         Emily Bingham, Renee Bolduc

Robertson Ay                                                Spencer Wiles, Robert Sturtevant

Mary Poppins                                               Madeleine Krebs, Kayla Cortina

Park Keeper                                                  Nick Krebs, Patrick Stanley

Neleus                                                             Jeremiah Richardson

Bank Chairman                                            Devin DiBernardo

Miss Smythe                                                  Corin Molinaro

Von Hussler                                                   Zachary Lancey

Northbrook                                                   Samuel Brock

Bird Woman                                                 Alexa Gagne

Mrs. Corry                                                     Sierra Rodenhuis

Fannie                                                            Amanda White

Annie                                                              Katie Lugo

Valentine                                                       Jeremiah Richardson

Miss Andrew                                                Cassandra Mendoza, Josilin Daigle


Jesse Knight, Nick Latessa, Cody Patch, Michael Perez, Sean St. Cyr, Dawn Dunbar, Vanessa Guzman, Ashlee Hilman, Caitlin Hoyt, Caitlin Jenkins, Alyssa Karkos, Sierra Rodenhuis, Patricia Sanchez-Martinez, Shea Taylor, Emily Vinciguerra, J’ame Woodward


Teddy Bear                                                    Jonah Hunt

Doll                                                                  Abigail Tapley

Mr. Punch                                                      Corey Mangold

British Soldiers                                            Lynsey Berry, Gabriella Ferro

Little Bo Peep                                               MaKayla Thomas

Little Red Riding Hood                              Rebecca Benway

Monkey                                                          Katie Menard

Domino                                                          Jaiden Hodgson

Frog                                                                 Jocelyn Tower

Rabbit                                                             Chelsea Wasson

Yo Yo                                                               Onica Olivo

Raggedy Andy                                               Mia Bonsell

Raggedy Ann                                                 Ally Semo

Clown                                                              Aiyana Allen

Tinker Toy                                                     Alicia Kujawa

Kite Flyers:

Makenna Arroyo, Dominique Bessette,  Samuel Brock, Makenzie Day, Arianna Hall, Shauna Judd, Zachary Lancey, Deanna Marriott, Jenna Stapin

Chimney Sweeps:

Trinity Allard, Sabrina Burnham, Devin DiBernardo, Josilin Daigle, Kayla Ginnetti, Morgan Gianotti, Daeja Hubbard, Caitlyn Krekorian, Sebastien Labonte, Charity LaFrance, Katie Lugo, Rachel Mayberry, Madisyn Melcher, Cassandra Mendoza, Meghan Morton, Amanda Mulvey, MacKayla Perkins, Grace Rouleau, Ashley Sommers,  Abi Spear, Amanda White, Gillian Unger-Mochrie,

Lydia Hoffman, Sarah Smith, Matt Bruneau, Ben   Laine, Spencer Wiles, Robert Sturtevant, Jerome Torres-Bove, Brandon Coles

Park Statues:

Sabrina Burnham, Charity LaFrance, Corey Mangold, Jeremiah Richardson, Brandon Coles, Jerome Torres-Bove

Pit Band

Conductor                                         Joanne Houston

Director/Piano                               Cheryl Richardson

Flute:                                                    Jacob Bennett, Chloe Eames, Olivia Lapolla,

Clarinet:                                              Bob Sinclair, Julie Kulickowski, Molly Stanley

Bass Clarinet:                                    Isaac Melville

Bassoon:                                             Jenna Hartwick

Baritone Saxophone:                      Jeremy Lang

Trumpet:                                            Michael Jenness, Emily McCollum, Hailey Kean, Sullivan Brock, Nicole Halliday

French Horn:                                     Anna Archer, Bryar Tipton

Trombone:                                         Zach Bennett, Michael Bergeron

Percussion                                         Colleen Shannon, Craig Stevens

Keyboards                                         Jane Bergeron

Tech Crew

Dylan Faucher, Stage Right Crew Leader       Jarred Price, Stage Left Crew Leader

Sydney Lord, Assistant Crew Leader              Brendan Collins, Assistant Crew Leader

Becca Bahlert                                                         Makayla Baita

Noah Murphy                                                         Jack Ehmett

Donnally  Tullis                                                     Connor Schoonmaker


Owen Phoenix, Crew Leader                                Emily Benson

Nate Blouin                                                                Lilly Laganiere                                  

Jake Brown                                                                Matt Reed

Sound                                                  House Managers

Owen Price, Crew Leader              Nathan Learnard, Crew Leader                             

George Farrow                                  Isaiah Jackson

Austin LeBlanc                                  jonathan Martineau

Jason Cortina                                     Xavier Warren


Flying/Tech Swing                         Lobby Managers

Lucas Davey                                      Alicia Oumsang, Crew Leader

                                                              Connor Stevens

Flying Crew                                      Mya Urena

Charles Adams, Crew Leader

Austin Dumont


Music Directors:                                Joanne Houston, Cheryl Richardson

Technical Director                            Ronald S. Goodwin

Choreographer                                  Donna Martin

Assistant Directors                           Anna Towle, Nikki Bourgeois, Linda Stevens


Show Dates:
March 13, 14, 15..... 7:00pm
March 16.................. 2:00pm
March 20, 21, 22..... 7:00pm
March 23.................. 2:00pm

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Maria Rainer-  Marissa Fortier and Sarah Smith
The Mother Abbess- Danielle Agrella
Sister Berthe- Emma Simpson
Sister Margaretta- Vanessa Guzman
Sister Sophia- Makenzie Day
Captain Georg von Trapp   - Chris Molinaro and Ben Smith
Franz, the butler- Jerome Torres
Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper - Jess Gustafson
Liesl- Lydia Hoffman
Friedrich- Kyle Tanguay
Louisa- Josilin Daigle
Kurt – Devin Di Bernardo
Brigitta – Kayla Cortina
Marta – MaKayla Thomas
Gretl – Madison Pedrick
Rolf Gruber  -  Nick Krebs
Elsa Scharader – Maddie Krebs
Max  Detweiler- Sam Brock
Herr Zeller-  Robbie Sturtevant
Ursula- Renee Bolduc
Baron Elberfeld – Jonah Hunt
New Postulant – Alyssa Karkos
Admiral von Schreiber – Elias Roussos
Lead Nuns of Nonnberg Abbey: 
Emily Bingham 
Alyssa Karkos 
Chelsea Wasson 
Charity LaFrance 
Katie Menard 
Alisa Eaton 
Cassandra Mendoza 
Sabrina Burnham 
Amanda White 
Alicia Kujawa 
Renee Bolduc 
Emily Vinciguerra

Telegram Delivery Squad/Soldiers:
Matt Bruneau
Nick McCue

ENSEMBLE  (Novice Nuns)/ Party guests/neighbors/soldiers:
To Be Determined at a later date 

PETER PAN (2013)

Show dates for March 2013:
March 14, 15 16 ..... 7:00pm
March 17 ................. 2:00pm
March 21, 22, 23 .... 7:00pm
March 24 ................. 2:00pm