2016 Rock-It Dance Break Instructions
(from Patrice)

Put down instrument 1-4
Ripple 5-15 ends on 18
19-20 pull in out
1-4 roll arms up x2 R,L 
5-8 hop cross (with heal) ×2 R,L
9-12 cross R, turn L
1-4 Pull rope x2 (grab, step step, grab step step) (step to the left)
5-6 Push (slide to the right, hands push to the left)
7-8 Brush shoulder x2 (R hand brushes L shoulder. Tilt head to the right just a little)
1-2 Whip (L leg pops up, R arm straight w/ palm up. Land on L leg, flip R hand over, make a fist) 
3-4 Top drop (point to the sky, w/ R leg kicked up slightly. Land R leg down, point to ground)
5-10 Dab x3 (first dab is to the R. R arm is bent, head in arm, L arm is straight. Then switch every time)
- Grab rim of hat, nod head down and back up, then go down to instrument

If you have any questions, don't hesitate!

GREAT JOB learning at such a fast pace! Super proud!